When publishing work using any voicebank on this site, you are required to state the name of the voicebank.

You are not required to state the name of this voicebank's author. (General Nuisance).

When attributing the name or author of this voicebank, you must write the names exactly as written (The voicebank can be referred to as "[CHARACTER NAME -Append Name-]" or "[CHARACTER NAME]", etc.). You cannot call the voicebank by any other name, nor can you attribute the voicebank to any other author.


You are free to create sexual content with Arachne or Dionysus, provided that it is done in good taste and does not break the terms of use of another UTAU. Astraeus is forbidden to use in sexual content.

You are free to create violent content.

Do not create political content. Songs made with the purpose of wider social commentary or for the purposes of entertainment and use politics as a theme are permitted. Use for works of propaganda is prohibited.

Do not create religious content. Traditional songs, chants, anthems, and songs with broad religious themes/imagery used for greater artistic purpose are permitted, however (ie: Honey I'm Home by GHOST, BLOODMONEY by Poppy, Sister=Sect Rouge by nyanyanya, Sine From Above by Lady Gaga, and Oh Gods You Are by No-H would all be permitted as the religious themes serve a greater artistic purpose within the song(s) and do not serve as a form of proselytization or preaching).

The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:

  • Criminal or otherwise illegal content.
  • Fetish content
  • Incest content
  • Explicit underage sexual content/Sexually explicit content featuring minors or characters who are under the age of 18 or are being depicted as being under the age of 18, regardless of the actual intent of the work.
  • Bigotry and hateful content. This includes, but is NOT limited to, any content that condones, encourages, glamourizes or romanticises any form of; racism, classism, ableism, sexism, colourism, homophobia or transphobia.
  • Content containing depictions of nonconsensual sexual acts, rape, assault, coercion or dubious consent for pornographic or erotic purposes.
  • Content that condones, encourages, glamourizes or romanticizes sexual assault, pedophilia, abuse, harassment, or bullying of any kind.
  • Polkka content published after December 25th, 2020. This is due to the rampant cover theft, bank theft, art theft and harassment in that part of the UTAU community. I do not wish to have my UTAUs tangled up in that sort of drama if possible.
  • Any work that is being used to defame or harass a real life person.
  • Any work that involves another UTAU and breaks said UTAU's terms of use (ie: having an R-18 work featuring Arachne or Dionysus and another UTAU who's TOU prohibits R-18 works. The UTAU with the stricter TOU takes precedence over the other).


Published work using the voicebank may or may not include visual depictions of the voicebank character.

Artwork does not need to depict the voicebank character. This voicebank can be used in conjunction with artwork of other characters.

Existing artwork of the voicebank character cannot be used without prior permission from the individual artists. However, when publishing work featuring the voicebank, you may freely use the jpg/png file included with the voicebank, so long as you credit the illustrator for the image.

Do not create derivative characters/voices. Featuring an original character whose parts in a song are sung by the voicebank is permitted, but creating characters directly related to the voicebank character (ie: a pitchloid or a rule-63/gender swap counterpart) is strictly prohibited. Creating gender-swapped ART is fine, just don't use the actual VB for that.


Commercial use is permitted for original music with Arachne and Dionysus. For sale of covers or alternate arrangements of songs made by other people, the proper rightsholders must be contacted. Contacting General Nuisance is still recommended, as she'll wish to promote and financially support your release. All commercial use of Astraeus must be approved by General Nuisance. All following rules regarding commercial use apply solely to Arachne and Dionysus.

Use of the character in doujin runs or in a PV/album art for a piece of music does not require approval, though notifying General Nuisance is still advisable, as she'll want to support your run. Use outside of promotion of songs/albums featuring Arachne or doujin use, such as promoting a game or product, MUST be approved by General Nuisance. Selling things like charms, standees, plushies, pin buttons, or t-shirts featuring one's own art of the characters is permitted.

Use of the voices or characters related to NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any blockchain of any kind, be it as part of a product (such as an original song being sold as an NFT) or to promote NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any blockchain of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Selling the voicebank audio, official art, or configuration files is prohibited. Only the owners of the bank (General Nuisance), illustrators of official art, are permitted to do this. Selling empty DVD cases and disks as a fake bank box is okay, but if you wish to include installers on the disks, seek permission from General Nuisance.

Contact the voicebank author for approval if you are to use the voice commercially in something that isn't music.


You are only permitted to clean or enhance the voicebank's audio. You cannot edit the audio in any other way.

You are free to edit any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files. You may redistribute edited otos under the condition that you CLEARLY state any edits you have made, and distribute ONLY the oto.ini file(s), and not the banks in full.

You are free to port this voicebank to singing synthesizers other than UTAU (such as DeepVocal), so long as the ported voicebank is not distributed and credit is given. If you wish to distribute the ported bank, contact the voicebank author. If the port is of high enough quality, they will set up distribution as well as some info on this website on the port, however, you will receive any and all credit for the port.


Before this voicebank is discontinued, you cannot redistribute it.

After this voicebank is discontinued, you are free to redistribute part or whole of the voicebank in any way, with or without edits, as long as you correctly attribute the voicebank name and author, and clearly state any changes you have made.

Distributing a copy of this bank containing malware, PUPs, viruses, Trojans or otherwise malicious code of any kind is strictly prohibited, and will be met with a DMCA takedown notice on that particular download.

You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with this voicebank.


General Nuisance holds no responsibility to any incidents, damage, or loss by the user from downloading or using the voicebank or character.

General Nuisance holds no responsibility to any incidents, damage, or loss that occurs to any third party as a result of usage of the voicebank or voicebank character.

General Nuisance holds no responsibility and does not endorse the behaviour prohibited in the above text